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One of the greatest pleasures I’ve ever had, is to bathe a man I’m in love with. This act was one of the first physical ones that led me to understand some of the submissive nature that lives within my soul.
I remember well the first time I knelt to lather his strong, long legs. The inner joy that fluttered within my stomach, at rubbing the expanse of his broad back. I remember him standing stoically; he soaked it in, but a part of him (out of conditioning) refrained from enjoying the full pleasure of it. I knew this with great certainty; as when I asked him to raise a foot and to place it on top of my lap to clean it; he politely protested by asking if that was necessary. He went on to explain that he could take care of that himself. That he did not feel comfortable with me washing his feet. It was then that he gently lifted me up and began to bathe me.
This of course broke my heart and I felt ashamed, as bathing him was a profound expression of my love for him. And that had I been in an abusive relationship; I never would have felt so free to want to express and give myself, in this genuine way.
After the bath, I remember; we quietly got dressed, averting eyes, but I asked him if he did not like what I had been doing. He said he loved it, but that he felt it was beneath me. That I should not have been on my knees.
To that I replied, that kneeling and pampering are acts of love that reconcile with who I am daily.  That it brings respite, a great peace. These occurrences, I said; are like an audible quiet within my mind and soul; after a large cyclonic storm. It is not an undesireables job, but a grace that one is born with; an opportunity to bend and caress the other body that encapsulates the soul I have chosen to be with.
There is nothing but an eternal sense of divinity when caring for the person you’re in love with, in this capacity. There is nothing wrong in fully accepting my gift, especially when I am at my most vulnerable; when there is so much love and respect between us.


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